Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Temporary Allegiance and Gallery 400 invite you to submit flags.

Temporary Allegiance is both an art work by Philip von Zweck and an exhibition opportunity for others. Artists and non-artists in the greater Chicago area are invited to sign up to fly their flag on the Temporary Allegiance 25 foot flag pole for a week at a time. Located on the campus of UIC next to the Eisenhower Expressway and the UIC Halstead Blue Line stop. Positioned on state land and facilitated by a state institution (Gallery 400, UIC) this project was conceived as a state endorsed platform for the freedom of expression.

Please email UICgallery400 (at) uic (dot) edu to reserve a week of flagpole time.

A few flag submission guidelines:
  • Flags must be presented in person to a Gallery 400 staff member at least 7 days in advance of their allotted slot. See the Gallery 400 website or call (312) 996-6114 for their hours.
  • Individuals must allow their name to be posted at the base of the flagpole and their phone number or email address to be available for visitors requesting contact information from the gallery staff
  • Flags fly for one week at a time, Friday at noon to the following Friday at 11:59am.
  • Flags not retrieved from Gallery 400 after 30 days may be discarded. Please keep in mind that the new location has high winds and many flags rip, especially along seams or at the points where they attach to the halyard; grommets are strongly recommended.
  • Gallery 400 is not responsible for any damage to the flag incurred while flying.
  • All flags must be determined physically safe by Gallery 400, and must attach to the halyard at two points. Grommets are strongly recommended as the fastening method.
  • Avoid submitting overly heavy flags, or flags made of unpliable materials as they may detach from the pole or otherwise be considered unsafe.
  • If you would like to test the pole before you create your flag feel free to contact the gallery for an appointment at UICgallery400 (at) gmail (dot) com
(featured flag by Angeline Evans)